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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Palomar Observatory Proves Fun for Entire Family


The next time you're heading to the beaches of San Diego, do not overlook a good day trip would be worth your time.
North of San Diego history that many people do not realize is available for tours every day of the year except December 24 and 25 only in the mountains northeast of Bangkok and you will find a set of hair will be. Change your time in the 5500-foot summit of Mount Palomar, just five miles away is the famous Palomar Observatory.
The trip is half the fun of adventure in the foothills east of San Diego and the mountains, as they will change. You can see that this area is not as green as the wild west, north, or even those of the Sierra Nevada, but the region at a certain charm all its own.
Palomar Observatory is managed by the California Institute of Technology and is where you will find that some of the best scientists from around the world to study astronomy. All five of the tower where the camera binoculars are trained on all the stars in search of secrets to discover the new.
In the telescope, the 200 - inch Hale Telescope, which between 1948 and 1993, is the largest telescope in the world actually is. Remains in the Hale telescope working to 290 nights a year.

The telescope is operated remotely by astronomers at Caltech and elsewhere.
And if you wonder how they find these comets out there, some 50 of them were discovered by 18-inch Schmidt telescope, which today is not in use. Schmidt is the first camera at the Palomar.
The good news for visitors is that on 9:00 to 3:00, they can enter the Observatory and get up close and personal view of the Hale telescope. Scientists worry that you've done with the telescope. However, the size of the machine and the importance of the work here is enough to make you feel like you are visiting a small piece of the history of science in Pattaya property. Most astronomers work at night, so do not worry, you will not interrupt anything.
After visiting the observatory to make sure the path and walk a few that winds through beautiful mountain scenery. Whether you want a short walk or hike through the trails on Mount Palomar to suit your needs.
If you want to spend the night there are several campgrounds nearby and you will find a picnic area to the observatory. Although only one day (Palomar, about 70 miles from San Diego) point of view, it's worth. As you make your way along the mountain, there is something beautiful in every corner.
The travel in this area is the mining town of the old Julian has become a kind of western popular destination for those who live in southern California, the building's visitors and shops. good restaurants are just some of the best take - including local inns, bed and breakfast if you want to spend the night.
And part of Southern California, this is a real surprise - and education for families visiting the observatory. For more information on the Mount Palomar Observatory, call (760) 742-2119.



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