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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Guatemala Travel Searching For Eco-Adventure Destinations

If you were to travel in Central America, one of the best countries to visit is Guatemala. Here are a couple of eco-adventure destinations that you can go to as you find things that you can do and enjoy while traveling in this country.
Puerto Barrios
This is an old port in Guatemala's Caribbean Coast and it used to be the main port of Guatemala. But after the earth quake of 1976 it got seriously damaged and moved to Santo Tomas de Castilla. Now it is a busy, industrial port city with virtually no appeal to tourists. It is, however, a principal transit point for trips to Livingston, Belize, and the Honduran Bay Islands. But if you decide to stay here there are a few nice beaches nearby, some fantastic tropical rain forests & interesting places to visit. There are also some good hotel options.

These are some of the nearby places you can visit:
Las Escobas waterfall
Punta de Manabique
Quirigua ruins
Amatique Bay

And here are some of the tours offered in the area:
Scuba diving
Hiking tours
Boat tours

This is a town located in the Alta Verapaz Department of Guatemala. It is known among travelers for being the gateway for some of Guatemala's best eco- and adventure-tourism destinations and activities. It is also a very important social and commercial center for all the surrounding villages.

The town is surrounded by many cardamom and coffee plantations. These two are the main industry in the area because of the cool, moist mountain climate. Cardamom was brought to Guatemala by German immigrants in the mid 20th century. Today, cardamom is Guatemala's fourth-most-important cash crop behind coffee, bananas, and sugar.

There are many places to visit here but the most popular ones are the natural turquoise pools of Semuc Champey and the huge complex of the Lanquin Caves. But that's not close to being the only places to visit in the area, here are some others:
Candelaria Caves
Biotopo del Quetzal
El Calvario Church
Las Victorias National Park
Mayan Prince Museum
Finca Santa Margarita
Vivero Verapaz (orchid garden)
Some Historic Facts About Coban

Many years ago when the Spaniards founded this town it was called "Ciudad Imperial". Today it is a 4,000ft. town where you will find lots of hotels, restaurants, internet cafes and bars.

Las Escobas waterfall

Quirigua ruins

Amatique Bay


Candelaria Caves

El Calvario Church

Finca Santa Margarita

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